Premium Detailing Packages

These packages are for car lovers, our special auto afficionados. They come in year long maintenance packages and in one time ultra cleanings that will require several days or weeks. The highest level of these packages is our exhibition level detail which starts at $1000.

Please request a Premium Detail Packages Menu at any Clear Water Auto Spa location.

Paintless Dent Removal

Minor dents & door dings meticulously removed by Hand. Factory finish remains original -- NO PAINTING, sanding, or body filler. Eliminates paint mismatch. Paintwork decreases your car’s value, paintless dent removal does not! Avoid costly penalties at end of lease.

Please Contact Us for more information about our Paintless Dent Removal services.

Paint Touch-Up

Have chips, nicks, & scratches filled in. Bumpers, mirrors, or spots can also be repainted to match original color. Close to 80% of the vehicles on the road today need some paint touch-up to protect metal from rust and further damage.

Contact Us for detailed information on our Paint Touch-Up services.